Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Live show Saturday, March 15th!

Looking for something to do on the Ides of March?

We are hosting a free live show with four bands this Saturday night, March 15th.

Two of the bands are from New York City and are on their way to South by Southwest ("SXSW"). Come by The Amsterdam Bar this Saturday night to give these bands a big Texas welcome. Here's the lineup:

From Denton, Texas: RTB2
"RTB2 - one guitar, drums and tracks. great pipes on lead. some real heart-felt bluesy tunes" --from Adventures in Live Music
From Dallas, Texas: Jack with One Eye
"From noisy murder ballads to dynamic shoegaze, Jack With One Eye are a band you just can’t pin. As soon as you think you’ve found a comparison they pull you in the opposite direction and you’re not even trying to figure out who or what they sound like anymore you’re just in the moment.” –Fan at Gypsy Tea Room
From New York City: The Muggabears
The Muggabears are Travis Johnson, Emily Ambruso and Gabriel Wurzel, three friends in Brooklyn who play a structurally-mutilated brand of noise-pop featuring blissful interplay, sonic experimentation and song destruction. In 2003, Travis Johnson first recorded under the moniker The Muggabears in Norman, Oklahoma. The 2004 album, Kim Berlin, reveled in colorful guitar textures, off-kilter hooks, and diamond-sharp energy. Moving to New York from Dallas in the winter of 2005, he immediately drafted Emily Ambruso and Kevin Murphy, two other Southern transplants, on bass and drums, respectively.
From New York City: Famous Amos
"Famous Amos touch down in your town soon, like a funnel cloud, an unbridled dervish chewing its way across the landscape. Really, just check us out when we're in town and tell me that shit ain't true." --from their website, March 2008
The music starts at 9:00 PM. While there is no cover for this show, you must be 21 and show ID to attend this event. No one under 21 will be admitted under any circumstances.

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