Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The KüL to play The Amsterdam Bar November 8th

We are very excited to announce that The KuL will be playing The Amsterdam Bar this Saturday, November 8th!

About the KüL:
The KüL is a band on a musical journey of expression, freedom, and experience. A willingness to explore and create a sound of hope and awareness for the masses, who are blinded by a cloud of paranoia, blending soul, blues, funk, and rocknroll. The KüL has created a sound and style that is unique and all their own.

The Voice of the KüL: Adrian Brackens aka (Johnny Lenix) is a classic throwback to 70s soul singers similar to Al Green, Sly Stone, and James Brown. With his energetic showmanship and poetic writing Johnny Lennix uses his gospel, soul, and funk roots to evoke spiritual and free emotions in the masses. Formally a member of the Grammy award winning gospel group, Gods Property featuring, Kirk Franklin, this multi-talented musician has performed across the country and overseas with the award winning group.

The Sound of the KüL: guitarist Dane Manshack, a Blues Master in the making, takes elements of the past and conjures up a spellbinding electric sound of psychedelic peace, love, sex, and happiness. This young cat harkens to the 60's with bell-bottoms and bare feet playing stoner blues and rock with a punk groove from the dirty south.

The Pulse of The Band: drummer Ross Martinez and bassist Max Townsley are both grounded in music theory, Ross is the heartbeat that drives the band to new horizons in sound, with his blending of jazz, soul, and rock drumming. The bass player is our resident genius Max, a multi-talented musician lays down the funk and gives a new meaning to the word bottom man with his unique style of play.

And now with addition of female vocalist Taylor Rea, with her sultry, soulful sound, influenced by Bonnie Rate, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and many more...makes a perfect addition to an already musical masterpiece. JAM!

Truly the KüL is a band with a sound thats all their own. With each members collective talent and desire this band is on their way to a place in rock history.
The KüL bring an amazing energy to their stage performance. There can be no doubt: on Saturday November 8th, The Amsterdam Bar is the place to be!