Saturday, March 01, 2008

Beer Profile: Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664 (Strasbourg, France) – 5.9% ABV: This beer comes to us from Alsace, a region on the border of France and Germany. Kronenbourg 1664 pours a light, clear yellow into a pint glass with a billowy white head. This is a delicious lager with sweet, fruit-like flavor (pears, apples) and maybe a slight hint of cloves. There is very little bitterness from the hops and a refreshing, sweet aftertaste: crisp and very clean.

Kronenbourg 1664 is on tap at The Amsterdam Bar.


Unknown said...

Who says the French can't make a good beer. This is a great beer, with a good balance of dry and wet. Just the right extent of carbonation. It goes great in France. I am looking for a place to buy some.

Staff said...

We no longer have it on tap, but we do have it in bottles. It is available in most of the better Dallas grocery stores as well.