Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Dallas" movie in deep trouble

Dallas, Texas--November 15, 2006

According to Big Shot Celebrity, the new "Dallas" movie with John Travolta continues to be plagued by troubles. A number of celebreties, including local favorite Owen Wilson, have already bailed on the project.

I'm not sold on the whole "Dallas" theme anyway: been there, done that. Now how about a movie about a plucky little bar located in Exposition Park in Dallas, Texas. Now that sounds like a great movie!

Why yes, we DO have a soup cookoff on Dec. 10th

Dallas, Texas--November 15, 2006

Announcing the Second Soup Cookoff & Tournament at The Amsterdam Bar.

December 10th at The Amsterdam Bar!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Week of Nov. 13th - Nov.19th

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Band Websites!

The White Drugs
The Good Sons
Silk Stocking
Stag Film

Beach House
Over the Atlantic
The Spores (Note: The Spores played during the fair and they are FANTASTIC! And there's a puppet show to boot!)