Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Amsterdam Bar makes the Thrillist's list of best bars!

The Amsterdam Bar was one of fifteen bars selected by the editors of the Thrillist as among the best bars in the United States:
The Amsterdam Bar
Dallas, TX

Here in New York, my favorite bar is Whiskey Tavern (if you’ve ever had Rob Magill make you a penis-shaped Twinkie cake on your birthday you know why), but in the whole wide world it’s The Amsterdam Bar in my hometown. Every kind of person that Dallas haters say you’ll never meet in Dallas, I did meet, either there, or at the dearly departed XPO down the street. An art dealer who was a child prodigy corresponded with Norman Rockwell. An obscene French director who loved Southern Comfort. A behemoth punk singer, who, in 1991, punched Kurt Cobain in the face after Cobain smashed a guitar over his tattooed head. I day-drank next to him once when the bar was otherwise empty. For 30 minutes he said nothing, then without turning his head, he asked if I knew what it was like to take a s*** in a cotton field. I’m still searching for an appropriate response.

Oh, and, hi Mike. -- David Blend, executive editor, Special Content
Best bar ever.