Friday, March 14, 2008

The Amsterdam Bar chosen as a venue for 2008 "Rockers versus Mods"

The Amsterdam Bar will serve as a venue for two of the events planned for this year's "Rockers versus Mods" motorcycle and scooter rally. Below is the schedule for the event.

Friday, March 21
5 pm – 10pm Meet and Greet - Movies, Booze and Music at The Amsterdam Bar
10 pm – Night ride through downtown
11 pm – we Crash The Smoke! Mod Dance Party at Pawn Gallery

Saturday, March 22
10 am - Noon – Breakfast at Allgood Cafe
Noon - 2:30 pm – Easter Egg Hunt or Long Ride (your choice)
11 am - 5 pm Rafael will be at his place (1804 s Beckley) for those who would rather chill out, BBQ, listen to music and tell some lies.
5 - 7 pm JFK B.I.T.F.H. Ride past Lee Harvey Oswalds House, Texas Theatre, Parade Route, Grassy Knoll (Starts at Rafael’s Place)
7 pm - Midnight – Bands & DJs at The Amsterdam Bar
So far we have:
– The Ugly Beats
– Screaming Reds
– The Flamin’ Hellcats
– The Currents
– Lovie
– Frankie 45

Sunday, March 23
9-11 am Morning Ride around White Rock
11:30 Ride to Moto-Liberty
1:00 pm – Vintage Ride starting MotoLiberty
2:00 pm - On – DJs, bike judging and awards at The Dubliner

For more information about the "Rockers versus Mods" motorcycle and scooter rally, Click Here.

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