Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Great write-up on the Amsterdam Bar

The Amsterdam Bar has received a great write-up over at the Dallas Observer:
In a town that pays actual respect to the glitteriest, shiniest new thing on the block, it's easy to take the classics for granted. I generally regard my distaste for nostalgia as a positive thing, but the test of time is not easy to pass and must therefore be honored. Like a worn-in t-shirt or a faded old denim jacket, there are some nights in this town that will wait for you, welcome you back with open arms and cold drinks as if you had never left to begin with.

Dallas always looks its most beautiful on these early Spring patio days. That nip in the breeze at night makes staying out past sunset all the more enjoyable before the melting summer begins. We could cover Dallas' variant patios in a million different categories but when I imagine an evening under the fuzzy North Texas stars, I immediately reach for The Amsterdam Bar.
You can read the rest of Gloria Levario's "The Antidote to Dallas' Love Affair with Shiny New Things" at the Dallas Observer.

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