Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blue Petal and Don Cento, Saturday August 8th!

Blue Petal is a Dallas, Texas band with a powerful melodic folk rock sound. The band is fronted by Russian-born lead singer, Manya Repnikova, who plays as well as writes songs on the guitar. Though their music is quite energetic, it can quickly turn dark yet beautiful on songs like "Host" and "Turning it Around." Peter Anderson also plays guitar, keyboard, and writes songs for the band, while Bryan Butler taps into his native Texan roots for some authentically southern finger picking and harmonica playing. All mixed together you have a real recipe for music here.

Don Cento can play the guitar, and he does. Whether it’s a green solid body one, a yellow masonite one with lipstick pickups, a Bakelite one that sits in his lap while being slid on, a baritone one like Glen Campbell’s solo in “Galveston,” he has no natural enemies in the guitar family. Originally from Mark Twain country, where Missouri loves company, he came to study at UNT some seasons back; when the train pulled out after graduation, he missed it. Don is the first guitarist to join the LJM experience, and he brings an erudite versatility and unerring musical decency to the table.

Come early to ensure you get a good seat.

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