Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beer Profile: Maredsous 8

Maredsous 8 (Belgium) – 8.0% ABV: This is one of our most popular beers. Maredsous 8 is a Belgian Dubbel and is a wonderful ruby brown with a large creamy tan head that is slow to dissipate. Maredsous 8's aroma is chocolaty and sweet with a hint of roasted malts; smells reminiscent of a stout with more spice. A taste of Maredsous 8 reveals hints of dark fruit, such as figs and dates. The feeling in the mouth is smooth and creamy—the finish is a very light hop note. Try one and you'll understand why people have been coming back to the Amsterdam Bar for years to enjoy Maredsous 8.

The Amsterdam Bar is proud to offer Maredsous 8 on tap.

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