Friday, March 21, 2008

Rockers versus Mods: Big live music event tomorrow!

We've had a lot of fun tonight with new friends and old at the "Rockers versus Mods" meet and greet. This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow night (Saturday, March 22nd), we have a big night of live music and DJs, courtesy of "Rockers versus Mods." If you didn't make it out tonight, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Saturday, March 22
10 am - Noon – Breakfast at Allgood Cafe
Noon - 2:30 pm – Easter Egg Hunt or Long Ride (your choice)
11 am - 5 pm Rafael will be at his place (1804 s Beckley) for those who would rather chill out, BBQ, listen to music and tell some lies.
5 - 7 pm JFK B.I.T.F.H. Ride past Lee Harvey Oswalds House, Texas Theatre, Parade Route, Grassy Knoll (Starts at Rafael’s Place)
7 pm - Midnight – Bands & DJs at The Amsterdam Bar
So far we have:
– The Ugly Beats
– Screaming Reds
– The Flamin’ Hellcats
– The Currents
– Lovie
– Frankie 45

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