Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Melodica Band Profile: Record Hop

Melodica 2008 is coming to The Amsterdam Bar! We want to give our friends a preview of some of the bands that will be playing at The Amsterdam Bar during the Melodica 2008 music festival. We start today with a Denton, Texas band: Record Hop.

Record Hop consists of Ashley Cromeens on Vocals and Guitar; Scott Porter on Guitar; Tony Wann on Drums; and Cory Ward on Bass Guitar. According to their website, Record Hop has been gigging in the DFW area since mid-2002. They describe their music as "Chinese traditional / Crunk / Shoegaze" in what I can only assume is a tongue-in-cheek entry on their Myspace page. Having taken the time to listen to a few tracks off their album "Pareidolia" (2004), I can testify that they are neither Chinese Traditional or Crunk. I will wait until I see them perform before I decide whether they qualify as Shoegaze.

As noted above, their first album, "Pareidolia," was released in 2004. Tracks available for sampling online suggest a frenetic, guitar driven band. The track "Last Second" shows real promise, with a mysterious "grunge/alt rock meets The Cure" sort of hook. Word is, Record Hop's second album is nearly ready for release and they have begun to perform the new songs live. I'm looking forward to checking them out to see how their sound has developed since their first offering.

Record Hop is scheduled to play at The Amsterdam Bar on February 22, 2008 during the Melodica 2008 music festival.

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