Saturday, February 16, 2008

Melodica Band Profile: Jack with One Eye

From Ultimate Band List:
Mila Lux (Slow and Boring, Neverland Ranch Davidians), and Ian Hamilton (Shatner, The Falkon, Black Arm Band, Neverland Ranch Davidians) met as teenagers in 1995 in a small one horse town in North Texas. Both began recording 4-track demos of their songs at early ages from their bedrooms, using just about anything they could get their hands on as instruments. The joining of these two songwriters and their noisy style of guitar playing, along with a not-so-traditional take on pop songs spawned the birth of Jack With One Eye in 2001.

After many a 4-track masterpiece, Mila and Ian met drummer Ben Burt (Brutal Juice, The Falkon, Tomorrow People, Pinkston) in late 2003, and along with a floating bass player began working out arrangements of their songs as a band. "From noisy murder ballads to dynamic shoegaze, Jack With One Eye are a band you just can’t pin. As soon as you think you’ve found a comparison they pull you in the opposite direction and you’re not even trying to figure out who or what they sound like anymore you’re just in the moment.” –Fan at Gypsy Tea Room 2004

Their influences are broad, which is very noticeable when you hear their music.

Jack With One Eye are currently in the studio recording a four song EP with a full length album to follow. There is no speculation as to when this record will be released to the public. In the mean time, they are still playing live and, as usual, have a full arsenal of new material.
Jack with One Eye plays the Melodica 2008 music festival on February 22, 2008 at The Amsterdam Bar.

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