Sunday, February 10, 2008

Melodica 2008 Band Profile: Jetscreamer

Jetscreamer will be one of the many bands performing at The Amsterdam Bar during Melodica 2008. This Dentonite trio has a really interesting sound--I'd have to describe it as kind of blues-punk fusion, but hey, what do I know? Let's ask the professionals:
"It works brilliantly, the whole thing sounding like you're caught in the middle of a knife fight between Sonic Youth and some whiskey-addled bluesman. Seven-minute opener 'Front Porch' is the perfect battle cry, speed-thrill drums struggling to keep up once the guitars are unleashed. Elsewhere we get sprawling instrumental passages and blistering howls of pity. It's here we learn that jetscreamer really have got the blues. And they don't come much dirtier than this." NME - 7 out of 10
You can read a lot more and hear several sample tracks at Jetscreamer's Myspace page.

The Amsterdam Bar looks forward to hosting Jetscreamer during Melodica 2008.

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