Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Two new beers now available!

Community Beer Company Inspiration Ale (Belgian Strong Ale, ABV 9.6%, IBU 45)
The deep ruby hue of this ale comes from the use of several English and Belgian crystal malts as well as a touch of roasted malt. The rich malt character is balanced by a high ABV, a blend of highly attenuative and expressive Belgian yeast strains, and just the right amount of hops. Aroma is of dark fruit, sweet malt, phenolic spiciness and a hint of noble hops. Flavor is packed with juicy malt flavors that mingle with the fruitiness of the Belgian yeast and spicy character of the noble hops, all balanced by the alcoholic strength.

Revolver Brewing Mother's Little Fracker (Stout, ABV 7.75%, IBU 60)
Dark and deep as West Texas Intermediate! This big bodied stout is conditioned in the keg. It's on the sweet side, with intense roasted character and a soft bitter finish from Summit and Challenger hops. Revolver Brewing is located thirty-five minutes southwest of Fort Worth in historic Granbury, TX.

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