Sunday, December 07, 2008

Looking for something to do in Dallas? Don't forget Jazz Night at The Amsterdam Bar!

There are a lot of great jazz clubs in Dallas, Texas, but if it's Monday night, there is only one choice: on Monday nights The Amsterdam Bar hosts the best jazz in Dallas, Texas. Here's what the Dallas Observer had to say:
Some jazz clubs in Dallas offer live music on the weekends; most of the better ones serve it up every night. But [The Amsterdam Bar] in Exposition Park, beats the competition even though it hosts live jazz only on Mondays. Still, there's more than a quality-to-quantity ratio involved in this one. To us, jazz isn't about pristine tablecloths, expensive martinis and a bunch of old farts sitting around and ignoring the music. The best jazz is the stuff made in dark, casual clubs like New Amsterdam, where local players as hot as Shelley Carrol and (on occasion) Earl Harvin set up on the floor in front of the bathrooms and improvise some of the best bop-era jazz in town. On occasion, the tunes get rough--after all, the floor is open to all brass-wielders--but cheap martinis, lounge seating and a chill atmosphere make up for the occasional weak sax solo.
And that pretty much sums it up.

The lineup is based on the members of The Shelley Carrol quartet, but the lineup changes weekly as individuals take a night off and friends and guests sit in for a set or even for the entire evening. Here are some of the musicians we've seen recently:
Shelley Carrol - Tenor Saxophone
Brad Leali - Alto Saxophone
Gary Granger - Drums
Jonathan Fisher - Bass
Scott Bucklin - Piano
Jay Jennings - Trumpet
Join us every Monday night for the best jazz in Dallas, Texas!

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