Monday, May 19, 2008

Radiohead fans pack our patio!

Whew! It's been a month since I've last posted. It's funny how time runs away with you. I just wanted to share some pictures from yesterday afternoon. A huge crowd of Radiohead fans showed up before the concert to relax and have a few drinks instead of fighting the traffic. It was a great chance to get pictures of the crowd on our patio.

I'm always surprised at how many people--even including some of our regulars--who don't know about our great patio out back. Mike has been putting in a lot of work and has the patio looking better than ever. The patio is open every day, and can be booked for private parties and events.

As usual, we had a great crowd inside enjoying our typical Sunday afternoon.

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sherri said...

LOVE the patio... i had no idea how great it was until a couple of months back. it's wonderful! see you guys this weekend! xoxo, sherri